Known for its abundance of local produce, the Scenic Rim is a foodie paradise.

It’s home to beef and dairy farms, wineries, bespoke cooking classes, charming cafes, gourmet restaurants and much more. Each year the region celebrates its food and agriculture at Eat Local Week.

The Scenic Rim has a long history with agriculture. Some farms in the area date back to the 1800s and have maintained their history and traditions, while moving forward in the industry and continuing to provide top quality produce.

The Scenic Rim loves to celebrate its local produce, whether it’s a stall at the markets, local ingredients being used at nearby cafes and restaurants, craft beer being brewed locally or being able to buy directly from the source at a farm shop, it’s a region proud of its agriculture.

Whether you prefer fine dining or a BBQ with friends, you’ll be spoilt for choice when choosing what to taste in the Scenic Rim.



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Summer Land Camels
8 Charles Chauvel Drive, Harrisville, Queensland 4307
Royal Hotel Harrisville
1 Wholey Drive, Harrisville, Queensland 4307
Areleah Chocolates
13 McLaughlin Street, Mount Alford, Queensland 4209