Detailed Information

Pineapple Tours is a dynamic tour operator poised to make a significant impact on the tourism landscape of South East Queensland. Our core mission revolves around promoting eco-tourism, sustainability, and supporting local businesses in regional areas. This business case outlines the rationale and potential benefits of Pineapple Tours as a key player in Queensland’s tourism industry.

Pineapple Tours is a well-established and reputable tour operator committed to showcasing the hidden treasures of South East Queensland. Our unique selling proposition lies in our unwavering dedication to sustainable tourism practices and our active involvement in supporting the local economy.

* Promotion of Eco-Tourism: Pineapple Tours seeks to highlight the natural beauty of South East Queensland by offering tours that immerse travellers in pristine landscapes while emphasising the importance of eco-friendly practices.
* Supporting Local Businesses: We aim to stimulate economic growth in regional areas by collaborating with and promoting local businesses, thereby contributing to the prosperity of these communities.
* Sustainability: Pineapple Tours is dedicated to minimising our environmental footprint through responsible tourism practices, including waste reduction, energy conservation, and education on eco-conscious behaviour.

Key Strategies:
* Diverse Tour Offerings: Pineapple Tours will curate a range of unique tours, each focusing on different aspects of South East Queensland’s regional attractions, including nature, culture, and cuisine.
* Local Partnerships: Building strong relationships with local businesses, artisans, and communities is at the core of our strategy. Collaborative efforts will ensure the mutual benefit of tourism and economic development.
* Education and Advocacy: Pineapple Tours will actively engage travellers by imparting knowledge about eco-tourism and sustainable practices, fostering a deeper appreciation for the environment.
* Continuous Improvement: We commit to ongoing efforts to reduce our carbon footprint, invest in eco-friendly transportation, and support conservation initiatives.

Contact Information
58 Bartle Rd, Tamborine Mountain, Queensland 4272