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Visit Australia’s largest Camel Dairy and the world’s largest wild camel training facility!

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When you enter our farm your eyes are immediately drawn to the calm creatures in the paddocks either side of the driveway. In the yards right near the café, friendly camels wait to greet you with a cuddle and maybe even a kiss. Ever eager to be hand fed by visitors, they are the perfect models, posing while you take a “selfie” with them.

The Tour & Taste Farm Tour is a behind-the-scenes tour that is a must if you want to learn all about camels and the true history and role of camels in Australia. Our new interactive Cameleer Experience is highly entertaining and will leave you with a new appreciation for these unique and quirky creatures.

Another way to experience camels is to take a camel ride. It’s a unique and memorable experience that is popular for both children and adults. For the more adventurous, the Sunrise Camel Ride is a fantastic option! Feel the magic and serenity as you settle into a peaceful ride around our 800 acre property aboard our gentle ‘camel caravan’, the same mode of transport used by early outback pioneers.

The Homestead Café is a peaceful setting to enjoy lunch, take in the stunning views, and sample our award-winning Camel Milk products from our menu. Our Camelcinos and Camellattes come very highly recommended, as does our delicious gelato.

Visit our Farm Shop to try our amazing Camel Milk Skincare and browse our Camel merchandise. Don’t forget to bring your esky so you can enjoy some Camel goodies at home!

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8 Charles Chauvel Drive, Harrisville, Queensland 4307